AIM Photonics Demonstrates Advanced PIC Developments at DoD Manufacturing Technology Exhibition

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Integrated photonics technology developed by AIM Photonics was among more than 80 technologies critical to national defense that were showcased during a recent Manufacturing Technology Exhibition hosted by the Department of Defense (DoD) Manufacturing Technology Program. The purpose of the event, which took place at the Pentagon on Wednesday, June 21, was to provide an opportunity for DoD senior leadership to meet the DoD Manufacturing Innovation Institutes (MII) and learn more about their latest projects and technologies.

AIM Photonics is one of nine MIIs sponsored by the DoD established to drive advancements to better enable the affordable and rapid transition of new technology and capabilities into products and systems that help secure national defense and economic priorities.

“As a Department of Defense MII, the technology that we’re developing at AIM Photonics directly impacts the ability of our armed forces to not only function effectively—but, more importantly, prevail—in increasingly challenging environments,” said Wade Cook, AIM Photonics executive director. “Events like this provide us the opportunity to share how what’s sometimes viewed as a ‘behind-the-scenes’ technology is really a critical enabler for a wide range of applications that are crucial to our country’s defense.”

In addition to new systems and materials developed specifically for military applications, other innovative technologies demonstrated by MIIs at the event also included a wide array of next-generation high-tech wearables, superbrewed foods and other ingredients made from biologically derived nanoparticles, lightweight and durable textiles and fabrics made using renewable resources, and advancements in cell-generated tissues that can be used to cure chronic disease and treat traumatic injury.