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Advanced Manufacturing Technology Leadership

The 16 institutes - each of which focuses on a specific advanced manufacturing technology - convene private-sector companies, academic institutions, government entities, and other stakeholders to pursue collaborative research and development, test applications, and train workers. Together they advance promising innovations and reduce the risks associated with deploying new manufacturing technologies.
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COVID-19 Manufacturing Recovery

The Manufacturing USA network responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by helping facilitate the production of personal protective equipment (PPE), but it also helped empower U.S. manufacturers to reinvent the domestic PPE supply chain. Initiatives included digital instructions for production, compliance testing, product lifecycle management and an online repository to connect suppliers with customers.
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Future Manufacturing Supply Chains

Anchoring strategic supply chains in domestic manufacturing is crucial for national security and economic security, which has been underscored by the significant disruptions in the global supply chain. The Manufacturing USA network is engaging in projects that make domestic manufacturing processes more innovative and efficient to strengthen the competitiveness and resilience of US-based manufacturing.
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Manufacturing Workforce Development

The institutes within the Manufacturing USA network are helping to define the skills and training needed to satisfy manufacturers’ future requirements. These efforts include defining new careers with automation and robotics in mind, retraining and upskilling the current workforce and developing STEM talent for the future.
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Clean Energy Manufacturing

Producing clean energy is critical to reducing pollutants, slowing climate change, and reducing dependence on foreign energy. The Manufacturing USA network is fostering the development of energy-efficient and clean-energy technologies that will lead to major reductions in manufacturing energy costs and increases in innovative new green products in emerging clean-energy industries.