The Virginia Manufacturing Region

Virginia’s Manufacturing Region is the best when it comes to authentic southern living. From family-owned stores in rural areas to great metropolitan malls and shopping centers, Virginia’s Manufacturing Region is a fine place to call home!

Home to progressive schools for all ages, diverse housing for owners and renters, and top-notch primary and emergency medical care, the Region is an ideal home for families and professionals of all ages. The region also boasts a climate with all 4 seasons, close proximity to major cities, and diverse housing options.  All is centrally located just two hours from the beach, mountains, and major metropolitan areas like Washington, D.C. and Raleigh-Durham.

Cost of Living

  • Food, housing and health care costs well below the national average
  • Property tax rates approximately 30% below the national average
  • Auto insurance rates 20% below the national average
  • Overall unemployment rate tracks well below the national average
  • Extremely high air quality and water quality indexes
  • The housing market has remained stable during economic downturns


Public schools in our region reflect the community’s vision; technology permeates all curricula levels, and is also spotlighted in a broad array of exceptional Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. Dual-enrollment arrangements with the local community college enable area students to pursue advanced studies and training while still in high school. Collectively, our area schools identify connections among the elements and talents within our school community. Through this reflection, we have developed a long tradition of academic excellence coupled with local civic engagement which makes for a positive relationship among our schools, colleges, universities, businesses and local government. And the thousands of students graduating every year make a wonderful—and talented— addition to our workforce.



With many historical sites, museums, hiking trails, rivers and parks, Virginia’s Manufacturing Region is a great place to live! The rich history of the Commonwealth of Virginia makes all the museums, historical towns and memorials come to life. The region has its share of forested areas that bring along with it hiking and bike trail opportunities. And state and local parks make for a fun occasion with every visit!

Check out just a few of the many outdoor possibilities available to residents of VMR.