A workforce that continually evolves to match employer needs

Virginia’s Manufacturing Region’s workforce is in a constant state of improvement. Local initiatives that engage corporations, colleges, governments and nonprofits ensure that the region’s available workforce of over 1,500,000 continually evolves to match the needs of current and future employers.

Training Providers

The following information overview explains available workforce training programs and providers in the region, specific to advanced manufacturers.

Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA): Specializes in custom training for corporations located in the area. Companies can enroll employees in courses to achieve specific training or certification needs, or utilize CCWA resources and expertise from peer companies in the region to create new custom courses. Training can be conducted anywhere as needed, from a standard classroom to right on the factory floor.

Manufacturing Skills Institute: Virginia Manufacturers Association institute for manufacturing certifications Local Higher Education: 11 two-and four-year institutions in the area have a total enrollment of 81,000, producing 17,800 annual graduates, including
over 620 engineering awards annually.

Highly ranked state universities: The region draws talent from elsewhere in the state including University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, James Madison, George Mason, Old Dominion University, William & Mary, etc.

Career colleges and institutes: At least 22 professional schools including ECPI, Strayer, etc. are located in the area, providing specialized workforce training for various occupation types.

Technical Centers: High schools in the area have tech center enrollment of nearly 4,500 with approximately 10% in manufacturing-related specialty areas, with the largest technical centers developing programs in response to recent advanced manufacturing needs.

Military Installations: Approximately 650 veterans retire from military service each year in the workforce area, primarily from Fort Lee, with training in logistics, equipment maintenance, welding and machining, culinary, and other specialties. And they start their
career search in the Gateway Region. Fort Lee has a special training programs for soldiers to train on welding and CNC equipment used by area employers to smooth the transition to local employment after service.

World-Class Research Center: Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM) is ground-zero for corporate-university partnerships for high-tech R&D in advanced manufacturing, exposing hundreds of experts to the local business environment.

Local apprenticeship programs: CCAM will be host to an apprenticeship center, and over 60 area employers have apprenticeship programs assisted by the Virginia Department of Labor & Industry.